About Us

pnp japanese cuisine artistry

We strive to elevate the joy of fine Japanese dining to new heights of passion with a creative approach.


japanese creativity at peak perfection

At its heart, our cuisine is traditional Japanese but we have the skills of a renowned chef to transform each dish with creative flair in his choice of ingredients and selective cuts of the finest produce. The spiritual essence of traditional Japanese cuisine is fully preserved yet enhanced with his maestro touch.

He will also incorporate aesthetic elements of arrangement and presentation as practiced in Ikebana (Art of flower arrangement) to produce a 5-Star presentation. Visually, the dishes will be a feast for the eyes and food for the soul. Ultimately, guests will revel in a dining experience that is a feast fit for a king.

The Ambience

down memory lane

Walk into a different world at PNP Japanese Cuisine Artistry. Our interior design concept is partly based on scenes of feudal Japan from a bygone era. Utilising traditional forms of art such as Kano (bold brush strikes), Ukiyo-e (wood block printing) and calligraphy, these images will compel a greater appreciation of traditional Japanese art.

These scenes of daily life in the streets of old Japan evoke feelings of serenity and tranquillity. They capture the sense of idyllic freedom, majestic vistas and sensuous delights in an atmosphere of calm contemplation. These qualities will contribute to a sense of well-being and promote the enjoyment of fine dining with a fuller appreciation of the sensory indulgences.

The Entertainment

expressions of life through dance

There will be an exclusive group of traditional Japanese dancers who will provide twice nightly performances on weekends. These renowned artists are currently performing in Tokyo and their repertoire includes many rare and exotic dances from a bygone era. These acts may feature from 2 to 7 dancers and will showcase dances from the Noh and Kabuki traditions for an enthralling dining experience.